My Website’s Best Feature

The most important feature on my website is Wordfence. The piece of mind the Wordfence plugin gives me is priceless. It blocks complex and brute force attacks from taking down my website and lets me know when there are vulnerabilities in my website and how to address them. It regularly scans my website for vulnerabilities and allows me to manually scan my website as well. It also sends me regular emails when it finds issues with my website that I need to address, and it emails me results of its most recent scan. It scans for malware, offers two-factor authentication, and provides a firewall.

Internet security is very important these days, with all the stories of hackers and identity theft, it’s important to stay on top of such things to prevent these things from happening to us. Wordfence is an incredible security tool that I would recommend to anyone and everyone with a WordPress website. I would personally activate it on all my WordPress websites if I had any besides

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