My New Website Theme

The new theme I chose for this iteration of is Blocksy. The key factors that convinced me to select this theme were its compatibility with the Gutenberg editor, it’s eCommerce Ready, is fully responsive for smaller screens and mobile visitors, and it offers a live preview in the customizer preview window. Also, it has a 5-star rating from 737 people.

One of my favorite features of the Blocksy theme is the different design features for each page type it offers for free! There are at least two layout template options available for each page type. Also, the customizer allows you to reorganize the page elements by dragging and dropping. It couldn’t be easier to use! Also, the widgets customizer has a clean and simple interface with a huge number of customizations. Another one of my favorite Blocksy theme features is that I’m able to click on an element in the customizer preview that I want to edit, and the customizer takes me directly to that feature so I can quickly make my edits! This is hands down the best theme I’ve found on!

The customizations I performed with my Blocksy theme include:

  1. I selected a green Global Color Palette for my entire site to coordinate with the site’s favicon.
  2. I added a crumpled piece of paper as a background image to the main body of the website to coordinate with the paper theme.
  3. I also customized the footer area on every page to repeat the main navigation menu and to include the simple social buttons for easier accessibility and functionality for visitors.  
  4. I added a search bar, recent posts, categories, and a tag cloud to the sidebar area of my Blog page, and I made the sidebar sticky for easier accessibility and functionality for visitors.

In the future, I’d like to add an Author page to highlight myself and others who may contribute to the content of my website in the future. I might also enable the Subscription feature in the future so that my visitors can stay up-to-date on my projects and products as I add them to the site.

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