How to Make a Paper Bead Bracelet

I got the idea one day to have my child color white printer paper with colored markers for me to use to make paper beads so we could say we made jewelry together. I cut this paper into ½” by 11” rectangular strips and rolled them into tubular beads. In this post, I will share how I string them into a bracelet.


  • 5-6’ (depending on the finished bracelet size) of 6-string embroidery floss in your chosen color
  • Button in complementary color
  • Tubular beads – I used about 20 to make a 6” bracelet
  • Jeweler’s (or fabric) glue or clear nail polish
  • Clipboard or flat surface and clear tape
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needles (optional)
  • Clothespin (optional)


  1. Fold your embroidery floss in half so the ends are touching. Using your button to size the hole, tie an overhand knot at the loop end that just fits the longest width of your button.
    using button to measure embroidery floss loop
  2. Put the button aside, and clip the loop on your clipboard or tape it to your flat surface.
  3. Run the end of each string through the bead hole in opposite directions. Specifically, hold the bead so the hole ends are facing left and right. Then, put one string through the right side of the bead and the other string through the left side of the bead. Next, pull both strings so the bead pulls tightly against the loop knot. Continue doing this until all your beads are strung on the bracelet and the length of the bracelet from the end to the loop is the size you want it.
    TIP: To string the beads on the floss, I used a sewing needle on each end, but you can also put a dab of clear nail polish or glue or some tape on each end to keep them from fraying and make them easier to feed through the bead hole.
    stringing beads
  4. When all of your beads are strung on the bracelet, tie two overhand knots at the end of your beads to secure them. Do your best to center the knots along the bead for the best button placement.
  5. Run the end of each string through the buttonholes from the back side to the front and, then, from the front to the back. If you have a four-hole button, run each string through two different holes so that all four holes are used once. If you have a two-hole button, start each string in a different hole on the back, then, thread each through the opposite front hole.
    button strung on bracelet from the back

    threading floss back through the button holes to the back
  6. Pull your strings so the button is tight against the last bead on the bracelet, and tie two overhand knots at the back of the button to secure the button.
  7. Take each string end and make a double knot around the triangle string formed by the button and the beads. To add further security to these knots, apply a dab of clear nail polish or jeweler’s glue to both knots. Take care not to glue the knots to the bead or the button.
    TIP: I used a clothespin to hold the remaining floss so that the knots would dry without touching the rest of the bracelet. You could also use tape if you don’t have a clothespin.
    knots glued behind the button

    clothespin holding the floss to keep knots from touching button or beads while drying
  8. When the knots are dry, cut off the remaining ends of the string close to the knot.
  9. To wear the bracelet, wrap it around your wrist, and put the button through the loop you created in step 1.
    finished bracelet on wrist

    finished bracelet button clasp


Your bracelet is complete! I hope you enjoyed making this bracelet. Feel free to leave a comment below about this project, and stay tuned for more paper crafts!

Source: Paper Bead Bracelet Tutorial by Bettendorf Public Library

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