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Is a CMS Right for You?

Using a CMS like WordPress can help anyone, tech-savvy or not, get a website up quickly with no need to code anything. They are powerful website building tools that offer a lot of functionality in an easy-to-use package. However, as with anything, they come with both pros and cons. For instance, while they are easy for anyone to use, they are often limited in how much you can customize to your liking.

My New Website Theme

WordPress.org has a plethora of themes to choose from with a variety of customizations. Given that, it is important to know what you might need from a theme and to be aware of what features that theme offers you for free and at a premium cost. Blocksy is a very robust theme with an incredible amount of customization and flexibility provided for free. It lends itself to many kinds of websites. I would recommend it to anyone using WordPress.
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